There’s more than one way to build resilience

By Gary Lovatt Working intensively with partners from Health, Crime and Education it’s hard to get through a meeting these days without the mention of needing to build ‘better resilience’ in young people. Indeed it’s refreshing that after years of apparent compartmentalisation of behaviours into different areas (alcohol, smoking, sexual activity, anti-social behaviour, self-harming etc)Continue reading “There’s more than one way to build resilience”

Seek Prevention not Treatment

By Grace Kelly It has been unavoidable in the news recently; from exam stress causing teen suicides to a report finding that more than 25% of young people referred to mental health services such as CAMHs are receiving no specialist help at all because cases are not deemed ‘serious’ enough. The simple fact is thatContinue reading “Seek Prevention not Treatment”

We’re Changing Young Lives for the Better! Come & find out how!

Investment in Early Intervention and Prevention strategies can change lives and lead to incredible physical, emotional and financial benefits. We’re therefore delighted that over 100,000 young people are benefitting from an approach that is changing attitudes and perceptions for the better, which in turn is leading to healthier lifestyle choices for young people. Social SenseContinue reading “We’re Changing Young Lives for the Better! Come & find out how!”

It’s the ‘why’ that inspires ‘what’ we do

The summer gives us all a great opportunity to reflect on what we need do over the next 12 months. However, how many of us really take the time to stop and think about why we are going to do it? Today I thought I’d share with you Social Sense’s ‘7 Big Why’s’ – i.e.Continue reading “It’s the ‘why’ that inspires ‘what’ we do”

Alcohol Price Increase Ignores the Real Issue

The rise in minimum unit prices for Alcohol has been welcomed today – by supermarkets. That’s because it is likely to have zero impact on consumption while it has been revealed Supermarkets will reap the benefits of extra profits from sales.