Youth-led Health Promotion

Reading through the latest issue of Children & Young People Now, an article caught my eye. The ‘Skills for the job’ section talks about the need for youth organisations to “actively involve young people in developing policies for a healthy lifestyle”. So why is this important? Well as we know, for years, health education inContinue reading “Youth-led Health Promotion”

Healthy Selfie Campaign is a Winner for Ridgewood

Enterprising students at Ridgewood High School have won a national competition and £500 worth of high street vouchers. The Stourbridge school’s ‘Healthy Selfie’ campaign beat finalists from Salford, Swindon and Buckinghamshire to take first prize in the inaugural health promotion competition. Nine Dudley schools took part in The R U Different? ( programme, which promotesContinue reading “Healthy Selfie Campaign is a Winner for Ridgewood”

Smoking and Drinking Behaviours are Improving

With 207,000 11-15 year olds estimated to take up smoking and around 80% of under 18 smokers continuing to smoke throughout adulthood, helping young people to better understand risks and norms continues to be an important marker in terms of risk taking and health.

Young People Must Lead the Change

Viv Bennett, the Department of Health’s Director of Nursing, recently posted a great blog on how consulting with young people makes for more effective Public Health messages. Titled “Nothing about us without us”, she comments on how “listening to children and young people is core to PHE and Department of Health values”. For 5 yearsContinue reading “Young People Must Lead the Change”

#Neknomination – Just a bit of fun?

Gone are the days of passing on a chain email to 12 friends or risk never finding your true love – another online trend is well under way and it’s currently unavoidable on social media. ’Neknomination’ – the online drinking game popular with students that is sweeping the nation (and world) and most recently makingContinue reading “#Neknomination – Just a bit of fun?”

Teen Drinking Rates Falling Significantly

The Rise of the Young Non-Drinkers The BBC has once again confirmed today what we all already knew – that drinking rates among young people are in sharp decline.

Stop Shouting! There’s a Better Way

Those of you who work directly with young people will know that the direct approach rarely works.  You can tell a teenager till you’re blue in the face that risk taking behaviours are a very bad idea, but he won’t hear you, even while he nods and smiles.

Alcohol Price Increase Ignores the Real Issue

The rise in minimum unit prices for Alcohol has been welcomed today – by supermarkets. That’s because it is likely to have zero impact on consumption while it has been revealed Supermarkets will reap the benefits of extra profits from sales.