Exam Results – the strain on young people’s mental health!

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With A-level results day taking place last week across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and GCSE results day today, there may be some of you who are well on your way to pursuing whatever you wish to in the future. However, for others, you may find yourselves rethinking those plans that you had in mind. Whatever situation you find yourself in, it always helps to take some time out and reflect on your future goals.

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Meet Mindful Me’s Practitioners: Sally Wilkinson

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With the Mindful Me Programme finishing another successful school year of providing Mindfulness and Fusion Therapeutic Life Coaching to both pupils and staff, it is important to reflect on an important part of the journey… the practitioners.

Social Sense has decided that over the next few weeks to sit down and chat with the Mindful Me practitioners, learning more about their interest in Mindfulness and their journey to becoming a Mindful Me practitioner.

Currently, Social Sense has around 15 Mindfulness practitioners in its network, ranging across the country.

With this in mind, what a better way to start than with the Lead Practitioner Sally Wilkinson.


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Social Sense Awarded 4-Year Kent Mindfulness Contract!

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Social Sense has won a competitive tender to deliver Mindfulness Training across 9 districts in Kent over 4 years.

Working in partnership with leading Mindfulness trainers Breathworks, the contract will see around 1300 school teachers, early help, health, and youth workers being trained to Awareness level with almost 150 moving to Intensive and Train the Trainer levels.


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Social Sense chosen to lead Healthy Growth and Wellbeing Consultation!

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Social Sense has been chosen to lead an exciting new consultation which will give children and young people more influence on shaping future health services in Manchester.

Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CMFT), supported by Health Education England working in the North West (HEE NW), has commissioned Social Sense to lead a consultation relating to CHAMP, an established Children’s Health and Monitoring Programme based in Manchester.

Social Sense will be working closely with the University of Salford, who will be supporting the project design and independent evaluation of the 12-month project.

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Social Sense shortlisted in the UK Public Sector Communications Awards for the second year running!

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PSCA 17 Shortlisted Twitter header banner

Social Sense’s Change UP programme has been nominated for the 2017 Social Marketing Campaign of the Year Award at the UK Public Sector Communications Awards.

“Change Up;” a pilot social norms project Commissioned by the Salford CCG ‘Joint Health and Wellbeing Innovation Fund’. aiming to promote healthy (non-violent) relationships amongst teenagers in the area. The aim of this peer to peer project was to educate young people about the true norms surrounding healthy relationships and inspire them to display and promote resilience-building values.

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World Music Day – The benefits of Mindfully listening to Music!

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Listening to Music

The benefits of mindfulness are becoming increasingly more evident nowadays. With the NHS recognising its benefits, and studies showing its positive impact on treating depression, anxiety and chronic pain, it seems like we could all gain from being more aware of the present moment.

People who benefit from mindfulness do so by building it into their everyday routine. From mindful movement to mindful eating, developing an awareness of thoughts, feelings and sensations rather than getting caught up in ruminating or thinking can give us a greater sense of peace, space, happiness and contentment.

With World Music Day taking place today, there’s never been a better time to practice listening to music mindfully. Focussing on the sounds of the instruments, and pitch and tone of the music can really help to focus our attention on being right here, right now. Read the rest of this entry »

Social Sense Achieves Positive Attitudinal Impacts

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DV Project 3

Social Sense has recently concluded a successful 12-month pilot project with local secondary schools in Salford, tackling the misperceptions that exist around domestic violence and abuse (DVA).

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