Providing Greater Moments in our communities

It is Mental Health Awareness Week between 9-15 May and at Social Sense, we share in this blog how we work closely with partners to help our communities to access our Greater Moments health and well-being app.

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and we believe that it is important to raise awareness and actively support mental health programmes. Not just this week, but all year round. The theme for this year is loneliness.

Loneliness affects one in four people. Most people, for many different reasons, will experience loneliness in their lives at some point. However, feeling lonely for long periods of time is bad for our physical and mental health.

Greater Moments app home screen


“Fantastic app, all the info I need in one place. I use it every day for me and my dad. Can’t wait to try the activities and make new memories and friends.”

Family Carer in Wigan

The Greater Moments app provides users a place to journal their feelings, find services for support, capture moments and find out what is on in their area. It is a great resource for not just people with dementia and their carers but for anyone wanting to connect with others in their local area and document their life moments. The app is free to anyone to download and is available on Android, iOS and through the website.

If you want further information on Mental Health Awareness Week and where you can get advice and support, please visit The Mental Health Foundation website

Find out more about Greater Moments and download the app on android or iOS by visiting the Greater Moments website

If you want to know more about our work as a leading social marketing and behaviour change agency, why not contact us?

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