Change Up recommissioned in Salford for the 17/18 school year

On the back of a successful  pilot in Salford and a recent award at the UK Public Sector Communications Awards, Salford CCG has recommissioned Social Sense’s Change Up programme for an extended larger study.

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The project aims to promote healthy (non-violent) relationships amongst teenagers in the Salford area using Social Sense’s evidence based social norms approach.

The aim of this peer to peer project is to address misperceptions and educate young people about the true norms surrounding healthy relationships and inspire them to display and promote resilience-building values. There is also a strong emphasis on reducing barriers to reporting through peer to peer support and greater visibility of support services.

The pilot project conducted In an area where DVA costs £1.2m a year and GMP are dealing with increased cases year on year, Salford CCG were keen to try a new approach with local 13 and 14 year olds.

In September, the Change Up programme won the Social Marketing Campaign of the Year Award at the 2017 UK Public Sector Communications Awards.

UK PSCA 2017 Winner Badge

The Change Up 17/18 programme will focus on the themes of the pilot, however it will be on a bigger scale this time including 4 secondary schools and 9 primary schools.

A new aim to the programme will be to build on the disclosures received and work more closely with agencies to assess likely social impacts in the short medium and long term (cashable and non-cashable benefits of this early intervention).

Social Sense will also continue their partnership with Salford City Council and Salford University, who will provide and evaluate the evidence base of the project.

Gary Lovatt, Managing Director of Social Sense said:

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to build on this work with Salford CCG in partnership with the University. Our aim is to build on the gains we made in the pilot and push the boundaries of innovation and impact recording even further, linking with agencies to discover the longer-term value to Salford.

Marie Clayton, Senior Manager – Innovation & Research at Salford CCG commented:

“Salford CCG are pleased to be able to support The Change Up Programme through its Innovation Fund. The work that Social Sense are embarking on fits with the CCG’s objectives around children and young people and mental health and wellbeing.  We look forward to seeing the results from the pilot and wish the team every success.”

If you would like any information on the pilot or recommissioned Change Up programme, then please contact Reece Hobson, Change Up Programme Manager on

By Reece Hobson.

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