World Music Day – The benefits of Mindfully listening to Music!

The benefits of mindfulness are becoming increasingly more evident nowadays. With the NHS recognising its benefits, and studies showing its positive impact on treating depression, anxiety and chronic pain, it seems like we could all gain from being more aware of the present moment. People who benefit from mindfulness do so by building it intoContinue reading “World Music Day – The benefits of Mindfully listening to Music!”

Social Sense Achieves Positive Attitudinal Impacts

Social Sense has recently concluded a successful 12-month pilot project with local secondary schools in Salford, tackling the misperceptions that exist around domestic violence and abuse (DVA). In an area where DVA costs £1.2m a year and GMP are dealing with increased cases year on year, Salford CCG were keen to try a new approach with local 13 andContinue reading “Social Sense Achieves Positive Attitudinal Impacts”

How Type 1 Diabetes affects your Mental Health

@amandamakes8 Type 1 Diabetes isn’t just about counting carbs, checking blood glucose levels (BGLs) and injecting insulin. The disease takes a heavy toll on emotional and mental wellbeing as well. As a Type 1 Diabetic and someone who has suffered with mental health issues as a direct result of this, I can confirm from experienceContinue reading “How Type 1 Diabetes affects your Mental Health”