Empowering 5,000 teenagers to take control of their emotional health and wellbeing

mindful-meOver a year ago, we created Mindful Me as a response to the growing reports of anxiety and self-harm rates that young people were telling us in surveys1 ran through our R U Different? programme.

mm-y9-quoteMindful Me combines the best of Mindfulness with Industry-leading Fusion® Life Coaching techniques (created by BACP accredited psychotherapist Frances Masters) – equipping young people with the tools they need to cope with life’s pressures and the confidence to take control of their minds, behaviours and futures.

After running successful pilot programmes in different areas over the last year, the resultsinfographic elements for mailer-16 have been extremely positive with pupils reporting a 46% uplift in mood2 from the beginning of the session to the end. In another area, 100% of pupils said they found the sessions ‘helpful’ or ‘extremely helpful’3 .

This year we are building on the success of our pilots. Halton Borough Council has recommissioned Mindful Me across nine of their schools. Their programme will include group sessions, staff training and one to ones for students that could benefit from more intensive support.

infographic elements for mailer-01Salford CCG is also funding a similar Mindful Me programme across 10 of their schools and very excitingly, we will be using the power of the social action platform CTZN to digitally remind students of the different techniques to use in their daily lives and help signpost local support. Once again we are proudly combining innovation and technology to positively (and measurably) change lives.

Adding to the schools who are commissioning us directly, the cohort of young people benefitting from the programme in 2017 exceeds 5,000.

More exciting news is that Version 2 of the Mindful Me website has just launched, where you will find information on each of our packages as well as a very useful resources section.


If you are a CCG, local authority or a school and you would like Mindful Me delivered for your staff and students, then we would love to hear from you.
For your free information pack, please complete this short form. We would also be happy to come and meet you so please contact us on 0161 216 4080 / info@socialsense.co.uk.

We will be exhibiting at the Strategies in Improving Children’s Mental Health conference in London on Friday 20 January.

1R U Different? 2011 to present day
2R U Different? – Final Authority Report 2014-15 (Authority 1)
3R U Different? – Final Authority Report 2014-15 (Authority 2)

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