Month: October 2015

The decision is yours!

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ru-awards-twitter-2015-640x320The short listed entries for the Enterprise Awards 2015 have been revealed and we now need you to decide on the winner!

2015 video thumbnailWe have compiled a short video to remind you of the fantastic campaigns from year 9 students across the UK.

Voting will be open for a fortnight and the winners announced shortly after that.

There is £1000 worth of prizes available to the top three campaigns, so your vote really does count!

Last but not least!

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The last three campaigns to make our Enterprise Awards Finals are certainly not to be missed and complete our phenomenal list ahead of the public vote next week.

Ellesmere Park High School, in Salford, delivered an anti-bullying campaign, which saw them create a character, Benjamin – the Anti-Bullying Buddy who proudly stood in the school lobby as a cardboard cut-out. Students were invited to take selfies with him and share on social media, to spread the word that most of them would take action against bullying. Students also received a stress ball each with his face on it. A brilliant campaign!

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‘Mirror mirror on the wall’ who will be our enterprise winner overall?

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The next campaigns to reach the National Finals have now been decided on and come from schools in the Midlands and South East.

The first campaign comes from year 9 students at Dormston School in Dudley, who created their ‘Mirror Mirror…’ poster using a realistic wall design, mirror frame and real mirror inserts. They hope by students sharing selfies on Facebook, that they will spread the message that a huge 99% of them would take action against bullying in their school – a very original campaign idea!

The next finalists are Holly Hall Academy, also from Dudley, whose campaign was just too well thought out not to make the shortlist. Focussing on the fact that most of them never or rarely drink alcohol, they designed up water bottle labels using their catchy brand name ‘holly h2o’, which were placed onto bottles and sold in their school. They also created an original hashtag to integrate social media into their campaign. Read the rest of this entry »