We’re Changing Young Lives for the Better! Come & find out how!

Investment in Early Intervention and Prevention strategies can change lives and lead to incredible physical, emotional and financial benefits.

We’re therefore delighted that over 100,000 young people are benefitting from an approach that is changing attitudes and perceptions for the better, which in turn is leading to healthier lifestyle choices for young people.

Social Sense is launching a series of events in February and March 2015 and this is your invitation to come along to find out ‘what works’ when it comes to engaging young people.

What will the events cover?ctzn visual

  • How our approach directly fits with the new 2014-17 Public Health England Strategy and recommendations for improving the health and lifestyles of young people
  • How it delivers a range of Ofsted objectives for schools looking to evidence improvements in PSHE, behaviour, achievement and attainment
  • The role parents can play in shaping positive norms for children and young people
  • Future plans, including our new “Social Return on Investment” evaluation work

Where & when will they be held?

We have 5 dates and venues:

  1. Manchester – Wednesday 25 February 2015
  2. Glasgow – Monday 2 March 2015
  3. Newcastle – Tuesday 3 March 2015
  4. London – Thursday 5 March 2015
  5. Birmingham – Tuesday 10 March 2015

Is there a cost?

We are providing the event at no cost to you, however places will be limited to just 50 per venue with just four places available per School or Local Authority.

How to book

Please email info@social-sense.co.uk or call 0161 214 5216.

Please state your 1st choice venue when booking.

The booking deadline is Friday 6 February 2015, however we’d recommend booking early to secure your place(s).

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