10 Amazing Things We Have Achieved This Year

If 2013 was the year we proved that we could positively and measurably affect young lives, 2014 was the year we put those programmes into overdrive.

With your support, here are just some of our achievements this year:

  • Launch of our inaugural Enterprise Awards, where thousands of young people developed their own positive campaigns to change perceptions and help improve behaviours
  •  Finalist in the Health and Wellbeing category for the Children & Young People Now Awards 2014
  •  Expansion into Denmark through first overseas licensing agreement
  •  Recruitment of 3 new delivery partners and 3 new staff, increasing capacity within programme management, governance and data analysis
  •  Development of new App’ for the Police, offering a direct and sustainable channel to tackle issues such as Child Sexual Exploitation
  •  Growth of our programme in areas such as Barnsley, Bromley, Buckinghamshire and the doubling of coverage in areas such as Dudley from last year (from 7 to 15 schools). We now have over 100,000 young people engaging with our positive approach to improving health and wellbeing.
  •  Partnering with the Alcohol Education Trust in Halton to engage more parents around Social Norms and high levels of purchasing for under-aged teenagers
  •  Re-development of the R U Different? website
  •  Creation of a new parent app’ to change parent perceptions of young people
  •  New announcement of a £162,000 Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Salford. The two year project aims to create a Social Return on Investment model for clients using the R U Different? approach to improve attitudes, perceptions and behaviours.

Thanks once again for your amazing support this year and from everyone at Social Sense, have a fabulous Christmas and New Year.

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