Now’s the Time to Talk!

We’re often asked – when is the best time to start exploring options for bringing R U Different? into our local authority or school? We’ve reached that time of the year when the answer is ‘now’.

Currently we’re travelling up and down the country to meet with those looking to integrate R U Different? Into their PSHE or public health strategies for the next financial year.

If you would like us to join your next team meeting please email

Just 4 ways R U Different? can save you money:

  • Excellent opportunity to accurately map attitudes, perceptions and behaviours in key areas
  • Helps you to commission targeted services based on real need, not pre-conceived views or anecdotal evidence
  • Immediate access to an established survey and cost effective library of Interventions to achieve fast and measurable engagement with young people, parents and wider communities.
  • We offer the complete delivery service – therefore freeing up valuable school and local authority resources

And 4 ways we can demonstrate impact:

  • Repeat survey shows how behaviours have changed or been delayed as a direct result of the Intervention
  • Direct Opportunity to accurately evaluate other partner or council run Interventions.
  • Evidence base showing prevention, delay or reduction in risk behaviours, offering significant returns on Investment downstream
  • Several opportunities for schools to fulfil their Ofsted obligations

rud timingsTo find out more about the programme please visit our brand new website at

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