It’s the ‘why’ that inspires ‘what’ we do

The summer gives us all a great opportunity to reflect on what we need do over the next 12 months.

However, how many of us really take the time to stop and think about why we are going to do it?

Today I thought I’d share with you Social Sense’s ‘7 Big Why’s’ – i.e. the reasons we set up programmes like R U Different? to positively disrupt and improve the lives of thousands.

It is after all, the ‘why’s’ that inspire us all to do ‘what’ we do.

Here goes:

Why number 1:

We believe that the current provision of PSHE and discussions surrounding traditional and emerging risk taking behaviours is far from adequate in all parts of the UK.

Why number 2:

We believe that by investing more in Early Intervention & Prevention programmes, governments can make hugely significant, measurable savings and the public can live longer, healthier lives. For example, we have prevented an estimated pathological 3000 smokers since our programme began and changed drinking habits considerably (84% rarely or never drinking alcohol in 2011 to 89% in 2014).

How much would these predictable and measurable outcomes save the NHS if rolled out nationally?

Why number 3:

We believe that young people should always be viewed as part of the solution, not part of the problem. That’s why we developed our Enterprise Days this year and swapped our campaigns for theirs.
(See the Healthy Selfie poster? This was the winning campaign in our Enterprise Awards – created by year 9’s at Ridgewood High School in the West Midlands)

Why number 4:

We believe young people have a right to know the truth about what the real norms are, so that they can make a better, more informed choice about which behaviours to follow.

Why number 5:

We believe that to survey young people without giving them feedback, or including them in the feedback process, is not only ethically wrong, it also represents a hugely missed opportunity.

Why number 6:

We believe previous/current Social Marketing structures that focus on the consequences of negative behaviour are limited, with evidence showing that this approach often compounds the problem.

Why number 7:

We believe that some of the current methods for engaging young people are archaic, irrelevant and dare I say it, often very wasteful. We wanted to demonstrate that by swapping leaflets for Apps’ and embracing Social Media rather than putting blocks on it, we could do much more for less.

So those are the why’s that get us out of bed in the morning and drive us to do ‘what’ we do.

If you’re feeling inspired, we’d love to hear the ‘Why’s’ of your job/role/organisation too.

Feel free to comment below:

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  1. What a brilliant blog! Most people who work with young people do so because they were inspired to make a difference. That is their ‘why’. As the years go by and people around them start losing their jobs, fatigue kicks in. This is a great reminder that we all need to revisit the ‘why’ to reconnect with what really matters.

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