R U Different? 6 Reasons Why We Are…

It might now be that time when you are thinking about how your School or Local Authority might deliver it’s PSHE or Health objectives next term.

Finding the right delivery partner to positively impact the lives of Young People however can be tricky, so we’ll start by looking at a few of the things we can support you with that others often overlook.

1. Surveying alone is not good enough anymore

Taking a health or lifestyle survey to identify where risk taking behaviours are occurring is a good way to take a temperature of what’s happening in your School / Local Authority. However for us it’s only the first step in the process for delivering positive and measurable outcomes for young people.

2. We provide fast, relevant and measurable feedbackwine poster

Our belief is that Young People deserve direct feedback and we have a library of interventions which can be quickly adapted and Implemented in the school. We also allow for the flexibility of Young People creating their own Health or Crime campaigns, delivered through an Enterprise Day for example. We can also deliver feedback to parents too.

3. We take a positive Social Norms approach

The Social Norms approach allows Young People to receive positive information in a non-judgemental way so that they can make an informed (better) decision about their choice of behaviour. Further, our process of changing perceptions and re-surveying can accurately measure resulting changes in behaviour.

4. We treat Young People as our primary “customers”

With the greatest of respect to all of our Schools and Local Authorities, our real ‘customers’ are the Young People themselves. We see them as the direct beneficiaries of our approach and we ensure that they are involved at every step of the way.

A campaign planned, led and delivered by Young People will possess greater source credibility – especially if received shortly after the survey using the results directly from it.

5. But we can put forward a very strong business case to our Local Authorities and Schools too…

Did you know that two-thirds of all smokers started before they were 18? And 200,000 of those taking up smoking are aged between 11 and 15?

Now consider that our approach is directly helping to reduce smoking rates for 13-14 year olds (86% not smoking in 2011 to 89% in 2014).

We are achieving similar results with alcohol, where 9 out of 10 (89%) Young People now rarely or never drink alcohol (compared with 82% in 2011).

What would be the cost saving to your Local Authority for measurably achieving better health outcomes?

And for Schools – how does an improvement in behaviours translate to better attendance and better grades?

6. We have 5 F’s for guaranteeing engagement with Young People.

There are essentially 5 ‘F’ traits running through our processes that GUARANTEE engagement with young people:

  • Offering FEEDBACK – back to point 1 again – an absolute must.
  • Making it FUN – it certainly helps!
  • FINDING the right media. Communicating on their terms – i.e. Social Media/Apps alongside more traditional methods
  • FOCUSSING the message – i.e. delivering a localised message directly relevant to their peer group
  • FOLLOWING UP – making links with partner agencies to support those at risk and repeating the survey to ensure the effectiveness of the Intervention.

Would you like to know more?

In May and June, we’re hosting a series of FREE events (limited spaces!) to showcase our work and the results achieved from engaging 100,000 Young People across the country.

To find out more or register your interest – please email katie@social-sense.co.uk

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