New Interventions – Enterprise Days and Parent Apps’

New Interventions – Enterprise Days and Parent Apps’

Now in its fifth year, the R U Different? programme has now engaged with over 100,000 Young People in all different parts of the UK.

During that time we have learned that changing perceptions can positively and measurably affect behaviours. We’ve also seen in our ‘control’ schools, that delivering just a survey will result in comparatively negative shifts in both areas.

So how do you measurably improve perceptions and therefore risk taking behaviours?

The conclusion we continuously arrive at is positive, fun, meaningful, sustainable and innovative engagement (or at least as many of those you can cram in…!)

There’s nothing better than an Enterprise Day to get the juices flowing and find out just how passionate Young People are about correcting the myths that continue to be played out in society.

This is something we deliver directly after our Interactive Feedback Session as part of a 1 hour session or full PSHE/Citizenship Dropdown Day.

Take the “Brek Selfie” idea for example, developed by a group of Year 9’s in Swindon, to prove that most of them (60%) eat breakfast every day (the perception was that 62% DID NOT).

And what about parent’s perceptions? They are often so bad that it gives us great satisfaction to help set the record straight!



So from April, our new parent App’ will be available for schools who can SMS or email a specific link to parents to invite them to challenge their previously held beliefs against actual findings from the school and their son or daughter’s year group.

We’re now recruiting schools and Local Authorities for our September programme.

If you are interested in a fast and affordable way to deliver Social Norms we’d love to hear from you.


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