Significant Reduction In Teenage Pregnancy

Best result since 1998

Social Sense have been operating our RUDifferent? programme with a North West based local authority for four years now and there have been many changes in the perceptions and behaviours of the teenage population worth shouting about during this time. This one however, we want to shout about loud and clear, as it has lifelong repercussions for the girls (and boys) who are not now the statistics they might have been.

The under-18 conception rate in 2010 was 57.9 per 1000.

The under-18 conception rate in 2011 was 41.9 per 1000.

The on-year rate reduction was 27%

Of course, we can’t claim all the credit, but there is no doubt in the minds of the teams we work with, both in schools and within the local authority, that the RUDifferent? programme has had significant effect on the risky behaviours of teens; assisting them in making wiser decisions about sex and relationships, alcohol, and misuse of illicit substances, all of which contribute to the under-18 conception rate.

Eight secondary schools, in identified ‘hot spot’ areas, were included in the RUDifferent? social norms programme, and a series of tested interventions were implemented between the first and second (follow up) surveys. Careful and intelligent use of the data gathered in the first surveys generated a feedback and intervention programme at each school, allowing the local authority to focus resources where it was showed that they were most needed.

Our interventions facilitated increased channels of communication to the students, enabling messages to be delivered efficiently (and, clearly, effectively) to the target population, through mechanisms that involve and engage.

It is well known and undeniable that ‘scare tactic’ communications don’t work when addressing risky teenage behaviours. Our approach, to gather the facts and present the misperceptions of social norms held within the peer groups, works. Teens are less likely to ‘follow the herd’ when they understand that in fact the herd is NOT travelling the way they thought it was.

If you want to learn more about how Social Sense can bring the benefits of RUDifferent? to secondary schools in your area, please contact Gary Lovatt on contact

For testimonials regarding the effectiveness of the RUDifferent? programme, click here…

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