How will you shape young lives this year?

Schools are now back and planning their activities for the year.

With the Self-Evaluation Form (SEF) gone and Tell Us surveys now a distant memory, how will you evaluate the behaviour and safety of pupils within your schools?

The R U Different programme is working with schools to accurately assess the attitudes, perceptions and behaviours of students using a fast and simple survey that takes just 25 minutes to complete.

Reporting is instant and schools have an opportunity to compare their data with regional and national averages at no extra cost.

Further the schools have a unique opportunity to challenge misperceptions and improve behaviours using a range of Interventions including Classroom Activities, Posters and Apps’ – all of which can positively and measurably demonstrate impact in the repeat survey.

Last year the programme generated the following outcomes:

  • Over 1 million responses in relation to Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, Sex and relationships, Personal Safety, Bullying, Healthy Eating, Aspirations, Mental Health and Internet Safety
  • A 37% positive perception change following the smoking campaign below in Salford
  • An alcohol perception change of over 20% in some schools across the borough
  • A positive 29% perception shift in reference to “those who do not drink at all” in Swindon
  • A 57% positive behaviour shift to those reported to be drunk in the last week from December 2011 to June 2012).

Would you like to join us in positively affecting young lives?

R U Different offers a range of flexible options from survey only – to a full Interventions programme – to suit all budgets and requirements.

Contact us today on 0161 2145214 or email to find out more.

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